Sliding Doors

Ep6: Sliding Doors with Rachel Stevens

March 11, 2021

Rachel Stevens is best known as a former member of S Club 7. Alongside this she has also had her own successful solo career, was a finalist on Strictly Come Dancing and has starred on stage and screen. Today she focuses most of her time bringing it back to her roots and love of fashion. As well as inspiring us with her effortless style content and outfit picks, she is also a wife and mum to her two lovely daughters.

In this episode we chat all about how a chance meeting, in true Sliding Doors fashion, led to Rachel beginning her journey into the world of music - and what a journey it was! We discuss all things Sclub and how important it is to push yourself out of your comfort zone and throw your all into whatever you do in life. We look into her 'what if' scenarios and discuss what an important role relationships, learning from the people you meet, and balance play in our lives. Timing is everything, and this could not be more true when hearing all about Rachel's amazing Sliding Doors moments!


Hosted by: @jenbecks28

Guest: @msrachelstevens

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