Sliding Doors

Ep15: Sliding Doors with Bradley Walsh

July 15, 2021

Bradley Walsh is an actor, comedian, television presenter, singer and former professional footballer. He presents some of TV’s most loved shows such as The Chase, starred in Coronation Street and Doctor Who, has sold out countless comedy shows and also has two top 15 albums! Growing up in Watford, he went on to become a professional footballer. However, when his career ended due to injury, he went on to become a blue coat and got his big break on the Royal Variety show in 1993 and the rest is history! This propelled Bradley into his career in entertainment and then on to become an established actor. He is showing no sign of slowing down, filming a new TV series and going on the road again with his son Barney later this year and he really is a true national treasure.

In this episode Bradley tells us all about his incredible journey across his multi-facetted career. We chat all about how breaking his ankle in a football match ultimately led him to the world of entertainment and straight on to the comedy scene. We delve into his theories around never giving up, and putting your all into everything you do as you never know who you will meet along the way. Bradley made a lot of his own luck, which is what led him to present The Chase....and we find out about how whilst having a drink with Ray Winstone, Bradley was given some advice and what happened next was pretty amazing!


Hosted by: @jenbecks28

Guest: @bradderswalsh

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