Sliding Doors

Ep14: Sliding Doors with Andrea Mclean

July 8, 2021

Andrea Mclean is an award-winning TV broadcaster, journalist, radio presenter and CEO/Co-Founder of the female personal growth site, This Girl is on Fire. Andrea was born in Scotland and grew up in Trinidad. After moving to England, she pursued her dream of becoming a writer, which turned into an amazing 26-year career in broadcasting! Best known as the host of Loose Women for 13 years, she has interviewed some of the biggest names in the business including Beyonce and Oprah. She is also now a number one Sunday Times Best Selling author and hosts Hello! Magazines, High Street Hits.

In this episode Andrea tells us about the incredible moments and puzzle pieces that led to her successful career in broadcasting. We chat about her taking the plunge when she put everything she owned in the back of her car and moved to London to pursue her dream. Plus, the pivotal moment she misread a job advert, which ended up being the catalyst to her whole career. When the pressure is off for Andrea she actually lands where she is meant to be! As well as the time she pushed herself to go on a blind date, that turned out to be the best decision she ever made!


Hosted by: @jenbecks28

Guest: @andreamclean1

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