Sliding Doors

Ep13: Sliding Doors with Dilly Carter

July 1, 2021

Dilly Carter is the founder of Declutter Dollies and can be seen on BBC1 in 'Sort your Life Out'. Declutter Dollies is a comprehensive organising and home styling service, where Dilly helps her clients become more organised in their day to day lives and promises to turn people's chaos into calm. She has had an extraordinary life after being adopted by her parents in Sri Lanka at three years old and found her talent for decluttering after she began helping her mother, who suffers from Bipolar, organise her living chaos. She lives with her husband and daughter and has been an inspiration to so many people!

In this episode Dilly opens up about three incredible Sliding Doors moments in her life. We chat about the number of small decisions and moments that led to her being adopted by her parents and living the life she does today. As well as the journey her and her now husband have been on, after originally getting together at 18 and then having 11 years apart, we learn how sometimes something wonderful can come out of even the most tragic moments. This episode is a true reflection on how moments and decisions shape your life, and Dilly's life is a brilliantly inspiring story!


Hosted by: @jenbecks28

Guest: @declutterdollies

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