Sliding Doors

Ep10: Sliding Doors with Dr Rupy Aujla

April 15, 2021

Dr Rupy is the founder of The Doctor's Kitchen, an NHS GP working in Emergency Medicine, and is also completing a masters in Nutritional Medicine. Rupy is often seen on our screens on shows such as This Morning and Saturday Kitchen and his aim is to inspire and educate everyone about the beauty of food and the medicinal effects of eating well. He creates healthy and delicious recipes using carefully selected ingredients, explaining the clinical research behind them. Rupy is a Sunday Times bestselling author with three cookbooks under his belt, a successful podcaster and TEDx Speaker.

In this episode Rupy speaks about his not so perfect journey into the medical world, and how failing his medical exams and interviews led him to study at his last choice university - which actually turned out to be the best choice. Rupy chats about how taking a chance for his GP training was one of his best decisions to date. We also touch on the incredible story of how he chose to not undergo surgery for his heart condition, but instead change his lifestyle - and what an impact that has made! This episode is not to be missed as it is full of those moments that really prove..'everything happens for a reason.'


Hosted by: @jenbecks28

Guest: @doctors_Kitchen

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